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Using our website, photographers and artists can turn their images into professionally printed cards, with YOUR BUSINESS details on the card backs. This service is perfect for photographers who want to add a new product to their range, especially wedding and new baby photographers and artists who want to promote their works in a unique way. All you have to do is design your own card backs (full instructions below), then we will set up your account for FREE. Once this is complete you're ready to order, it couldn't be easier!

Email your details to:

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- This service is available for greeting cards, postcards and A6 flat cards with envelopes

- The logo is colour on the back of the greeting cards, and grey scale on the postcards and A6 flat cards

- These 3 cards are all 152 x 107 mm in size

- 3 mm is trimmed off all four sides when the cards are cut to size - refer images above for samples

- All images need to be JPEG and 300 DPI

- With our 'no frame' border (full photo on the front of the cards), please ensure no important aspects (feet, heads, text) are closer than
10 mm to the edge of the cards

- Cards are presented in a plain white card holder and envelopes are art quality soft metallic white

- When processing your order in the website, you can choose between matt or gloss finish to your cards in Step 2.

- In Step 3 you can add text to your cards if you wish.

- Once your card backs are set up, you are ready to order. The backs will remain in your account and automatically print on the cards each
time you choose to order. We are happy to update the card backs at any time.

- All pricing on our website includes GST. After placing an order you will automatically receive an email confirmation tax invoice for your records.

- Cards are printed each week on a Tuesday, then checked and dispatched on Wednesday by Courier Post. Freight is a flat fee of $5.00 per order.

We love seeing the beautiful photos our professional photographers take and then how creative they are on our cards, with the no frame border or using one of the designs we have on the website. We are confident you will love the cards and your customers will love the ability to use one of your great images on them to. If you have any questions regarding this service please don't hesitate to email