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What do I do if I can't upload my photo?

The size limit of a photo on our website is 4mb. We recommend having a high resolution image to ensure a good quality image on your cards. If you're having trouble uploading your photo to the website, please email it to and we will upload it to your account for you.

How do I upload photos to your website using an iPad or iPhone?

If you are viewing the website on an older iPhone or iPad, the 'Upload Photo' functionality automatically changes.  If you click the 'Upload Photo' button it will try and launch the Picup app.  If you don't have it installed, click on the 'Available from the App Store' button, download the app to your device and then go back to  (Unfortunately there is no way of being automatically directed back to our website after downloading the app, you need to bring it up again manually).  Now you have the Picup app installed, you will be able to upload to the website.  Click the 'Upload Photo' button which will launch the Picup app and away you go.  Follow the card making process as outlined on the website, using the 4 easy instructions provided.  If you have any trouble please email

What photo size should I use?

Resolution is the 'size' of your photo. The higher the resolution, the bigger the file size. Many digital cameras allow you to adjust the resolution of your images. For printing, the higher the resolution (or bigger the file), the better quality your image will be. We recommend a minimum photo size of 500kb. If you are unsure about the size of your photo please email it to us and we will let you know if OK. Email PhotoMaxing does not check, modify or enhance images in any way, what you choose to upload is what will be printed.

I chose a border from your product page but I want to change it, how do I do this?

If you enter our website via our product page, eg you have selected a border design you like for your cards, but then want to try something different once you have uploaded your photos, simply click on another border from the category your original choice was in. Or if you want to try something completely different to your original border category (like Baby thank you) you can change the category from the drop down menu 'select a border category'.

How do I chose a card type?

In Step 2 - Card Type, you can select which photo you want to use on your cards, whether you want to change your photo to black and white, the type of card you wish to purchase and the border. All options are available to select from in the drop down menus to the left of your card design. If you miss the card type part the website will prompt you to make a selection before you can proceed to the next step.

Where do I select the finish I want on my cards eg gloss or matt?

In Step 2 - in the left hand menu you are able to choose between gloss or matt finish, the website is automatically set to matt so if you want gloss you will need to tick this button.

What do I do if I make a spelling mistake on my cards?

As our website is fully automated, we do not correct spelling mistakes that may be made. Please be careful to read your text thoroughly to ensure it's 100% correct. What you type is EXACTLY what will be printed. If you do make a mistake please email us ASAP.

How do I make another card?

In the checkout screen you can 'make another card' by clicking on the button below your first order. This will take you to a new screen where you can then choose a new border category or go back to the same category you started with. Then follow the same process as before, select a border design you like, upload your photo (or use the photo already in your account) and continue on to make a new set of cards. You can make as many sets of cards as you wish, although only 3 photos will actually be stored in your account.

I have previously ordered more than one card and want to re-order them, how do I do this?

When you first sign into your account you will see a page that shows your previously ordered cards. To re-order simply click 're-order this card' and it will take you to the checkout page. In the checkout page you then click on the 'create a photo card' button at the top which will take you back to the first page and you can re-order a second card.

What's the difference between your 'designer cards' and the borders on the website?

Our designer range is fully customised with your details, where all the work is completed by our designer. The borders on the website are set up so you can create the cards yourself, by choosing a border and adding text. You get to preview the information you enter when you are creating your own cards, however with the designer cards, the preview (or proof) will be emailed to you by our designer. Designer cards work quite differently to the website 4-step process so please read instructions for these cards carefully before submitting a design request.

How do I pay for my cards?

We have 2 payment options: either by credit card using Payment Express, a PCI DSS compliant card authorisation and payment processing service hosted by DPS. Or you can choose to pay by Direct Deposit into our Bank Account (NZ only). Please note: orders taken using Direct Deposit will be processed once payment has been confirmed.

When I tried to make payment using credit card, a warning came up regarding the 'secure certificate', what does this mean?

In a small number of cases users of IE (Windows Internet Explorer) may see a warning message where their web browser doesn't recognize the Secure Certificate used by our internet payment gateway.

Secure Certificates are used to ensure that no one else can read or change information as it travels over the Internet - and in the case of making payment, ensures your details are transmitted securely.  DPS Payment Express uses the latest Secure Certificate issued by RSA Security.

This warning message may be appearing due to your browser having an out-of-date certificate list. Normally Windows IE will automatically check and update this list.  To ensure you have the most up to date list refer to Microsoft Support,, and follow the instructions.

PhotoMaxing would like to assure our customers our online payment gateway is 100% secure.

When I chose Credit Card it asks me for a 'verification code'?

Some banks offer their customers an on-line credit card security option. This is to protect against fraud. If you choose to pay by credit card you might be prompted to join a security programe, which will ask you for personal details and a password. This is voluntary, you can skip these questions if you wish. Some customers have found this confusing, but unfortunately we have no control over this part of the payment process. 

What does 'Verified by Visa' mean?

This is part of the Verification Code above. Verified by Visa provides added security to ensure that only you can use your Visa card to make purchases online.  It’s easy to activate for your existing card, and it’s free. When you enter your card number into DPS Payment Express it is checked against a database to see if it is enrolled in a verification scheme, or if the card issuer (your bank) would like to enroll you. This is controlled by the issuing bank for your credit card, not PhotoMaxing. If you have already set up your security information you will be required to enter a password or code to proceed with your payment, if not, you may be prompted to set up your security information. This can be quite frustrating from our customers point of view but it appears to becoming more frequently used by most major banks in New Zealand and is something PhotoMaxing has no control over. If you are at all concerned about any part of the payment process, please email us.

If I have had trouble with paying by Credit Card, how do I know if my order has been processed correctly?

Once you have paid by credit card you will be automatically directed back to the PhotoMaxing website. Please be patient while DPS Payment Express redirects you, don't press any buttons! Once you are back at PhotoMaxing your cards have been processed. You should then receive an email confirmation of your order. If you don't get directed back to PhotoMaxing or don't receive the email confirmation, please send an email to and we will investigate for you.

What does Direct Deposit mean?

You can deposit funds directly into our Bank account, either on-line using Internet banking or by physically visiting your bank. (NZ Customers only)

Do you accept cheques?

No. If you choose to pay by Direct Deposit, you can either use Internet banking or make a physical CASH payment at your bank.

What does 'resolution' mean?

For optimum results we recommend a file size no smaller than 640 pixels x 480 pixels and preferably 300dpi. With a total file size somewhere between 500kb - 2mb. There is a website limit of 4mb per image. Please email us if you have an image larger than 4mb, we will reduce the size and upload it to your account for you.

I want to make two cards using the same photo & border but with different text, is this possible?
Our website can recognize the difference between photos and borders, but not languages or text.  If you would like to make two different cards with the variance being the text, you will need to upload your photo twice.  Make one set of cards, then in the checkout page click 'make another card'.  Upload your photo again and use the second image to make your next set of cards with the different text. 

Can I use PhotoMaxing if I don't have a digital camera?

Yes! It's very easy. When you get your film developed, simply ask for the photo's to be put onto a CD. Most photo developers will do this for you at a minimum charge.

How long do you store my photo?

PhotoMaxing stores your photo for 30 days from the date you uploaded it. Images are deleted automatically without notification.

Why do I have to create a PhotoMaxing account?

PhotoMaxing stores you're personal photo's for 30 days which is why you need to create an account. Without this facility, you would have to make your cards immediately following upload of your photo. For a number of customers this simply isn't possible, so we give you the flexibility of 30 days to make your decision.

What does 'upload' mean?

'Uploading' is the same thing as 'adding pictures': it's transferring information from your computer to an outside site like PhotoMaxing. Our website enables you to transfer pictures from your computer or digital camera to your online PhotoMaxing account.

Can you explain what DPI means?

DPI means 'dots per inch'. When printing an image, the higher the DPI the clearer the image will print.

If I want to make another order, do I need to process it again?

We now have 'save' functionality on our website, this means if you don't get the opportunity to finish your card you can go back to the site at a later stage and complete the same card you were working on without starting again.  You can also re-order a previous card within 30 days of the first order being made.

I didn't get a chance to finish my card, do I have to start again?

No, with our new 'save' functionality, you can now come back to a card that you have started and not had the chance to complete.  You need to have got though to Step 3 (adding text) for the card to be saved into the checkout.  Next time you sign in you will be asked if you wish to complete this card or start a new one.  Cards are automatically added to your shopping cart when you reach Step 3.  This information is held for 14 days.

Why do some photos get cropped?

Our system automatically crops images to ensure they fit the frame you have chosen. This is because there is a difference in the shape of most digital camera images and the shape of standard print sizes (4x8, 5x7 and 8x10). We crop images equally on all sides. We do not stretch or distort images.

Why does my photo not fit the border properly?

The photo size on our cards can vary slightly from border to border, however they are still considered to be a 'standard' rectangle shape, so if you upload a square or odd shaped image the website will automatically center the image within the border which may result in some of your photo being cropped out.  If you are concerned that your photo doesn't look right in the border because it's an odd shape, please email us at and we will sort it for you.  We recommend not using odd shaped photos in this website if you don't want to loose any of the image.

Why does my photo look different to when I had it developed?

We print on high quality paper, using the latest in digital technology, but it's not photo paper. So you're photo might look different on your cards to what it did when you had it printed onto photo quality paper.

My photo is quite dark, what can I do?

If you upload a dark photo it will print this way.  If you're concerned about the darkness of your image, and you specifically want to use that photo, please email it to us and we'll see if we can remove the shadows off it to get a better print result.